Elm Grove plans finalised in response to stakeholder feedback
Coulston Estates has now finalised plans for new homes, sports and recreation facilities at Elm Grove, Trowbridge.

Since submitting an outline planning application for the site in October 2019, the applicant's design team has been working closely with technical officers at Wiltshire Council to refine the masterplan for the new development, as well as incorporating further changes in response to feedback received in discussions with local residents, the local Wiltshire Ward Councillor, the local MP, and Town and Parish Councillors.

In response to specific concerns raised by the local Wiltshire ward councillors, and residents on Wiltshire Drive and Drynham Lane, Coulston Estates have purchased additional land which has facilitated a new point of vehicular access directly from the A363. This will deliver a 'through route' as required by planning policy, but designed as a 20mph residential road. A further benefit is that this new access can be used as for construction traffic taking access directly from the A363. This will minimise disturbance during the construction period to existing residents on Drynham Lane and Wiltshire Drive.

The overall number of new homes proposed has been reduced from 270 to 260 to incorporate additional structural landscaping. For example, the setting of Southview Farmhouse has been enhanced with a reduction in development at this part of the site alongside enhanced landscaping and additional areas of public open space. Changes have also been incorporated around Drynham Lane following discussions with residents of the lane.

In response to feedback from local councillors, the local MP and residents, the route of the spine road through the site has also been amended to move it significantly further away from existing properties and now runs centrally through the site. The spine road itself will be tree-lined and is designed as a 20mph route to prevent it becoming a 'rat-run' and to also minimise the potential for any disturbance to existing residents. A landscaped green boundary of at least 30m will separate the site from existing dwellings along the north west boundary.

The design and access principles for the finalised masterplan have been informed by detailed discussions with Wiltshire Council officers and provide a positive response to feedback from technical consultees, as well as comments from residents' groups and their elected representatives. In addition to new homes, the development will deliver improvements to the currently underutilised and poorly-drained facilities at Elm Grove Recreation Ground, protecting and enhancing this important community resource. New playing fields and a community hub will also be delivered, alongside extensive areas of landscaped public open space, wildlife corridors and new walking and cycling routes.

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