Delivering new homes and enhanced sports and recreation facilities
What is proposed?

Coulston Estates is proposing to build circa 250-280 new family and affordable homes at Elm Grove, Trowbridge. The proposed development will offer a range of housing types, as well as help for first-time buyers with homes available to buy through the Government's Help to Buy Scheme.

While it had been previously proposed to include a two-form primary school with the development, this element has been removed following public consultation and Wiltshire Council's decision from their strategic housing allocation for this site.

The proposed development also includes plans to deliver enlarged and enhanced public sports and recreation facilities, incorporating improvements to the currently underutilised and poorly drained facilities at Elm Grove recreation ground. Extensive areas of informal open space are also proposed to act as a wildlife corridor and buffer between existing and proposed homes.

Why here?

The land in question at Elm Grove in Trowbridge is proposed as a mixed-use allocation in Wiltshire Council's draft Housing Sites Allocation Plan (WHSAP). The proposed allocation is for circa 250 homes. The allocation had also previously proposed a new two form entry primary school. Wiltshire Council confirmed in February 2019 that the previously proposed primary school is no longer required due to demographic changes and additional capacity being available in existing primary schools in Trowbridge.

What stage are you at?

Coulston Estates Ltd is preparing an outline planning application to deliver a development in line with Wiltshire Council's revised allocation.

We held a public exhibition of the previous proposals (which included the primary school which Wiltshire Council has now removed from the allocation) on 17 January 2019.

Since then, Coulston Estates participated in the recent Wiltshire Housing Site Allocation Plan Examination process, which took place during April 2019. The findings of this process were published in June 2019, with the Planning Inspector supporting the Elm Grove allocation.

We are now working on a revised masterplan following our public consultation, the removal of the primary school from the strategic housing allocation and the WHSAP examination process. We will be providing further updates on the revised masterplan and anticipated timing for the submission of an outline planning application in due course.

The proposals include:
  • Circa 250-280 new homes, 30% of which will be affordable homes
  • Help for young families to secure a new home near fantastic new facilities, with proposals to offer homes for sale via the Help to Buy Scheme
  • An enhanced and larger public sports and recreation space incorporating the existing Elm Grove field, as well as landscaped wildlife corridors to provide a buffer between new and existing homes
  • A package of improvements to local infrastructure and community facilities to be agreed with the Wiltshire Council

How can I get involved?

A public exhibition of the plans was held at Holbrook School, near the site, on 17 January 2019. You can view the plans shown at the exhibition by clicking HERE.

Please note that since the exhibition took place, Wiltshire Council has removed the primary school from the allocation. As a result we are now working on a revised masterplan for the site, which retains and enhances the existing Elm Grove Recreation Ground within a larger area of public open space.

You can register for further updates and ask any questions HERE.

Where is the site?

The site is located in the south east part of Trowbridge, south of Wiltshire Drive. The green line on the map below denotes the proposed planning application boundary.
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